Newsletters 2020

November 2020 Newsletter

SDFSA at Science Alive! November 6, 7,8; winner of the SDFSA marquee photograph competition



August 2020 Newsletter

Election of the 2020-21 SDFSA Management Committee; Update on the Cuttlefish Alliance; Code of Conduct for Diving with Dragons; and more…


May 2020 Newsletter

A is for Ascidian:

Starting May 1 on Facebook: Alex’s Amazing Alphabet of South Australian Marine Life

February 2020 Newsletter

Lead: Our recommendations on SA jetties

October 2020 Newsletter

New SDFSA Directory of Dive Shops, clubs and organisations now online!
A short version is appended to this month’s newsletter for your convenience.


July 2020 Newsletter

Launch of the Cuttlefish Alliance; Notice about proposed changes to SA’s Marine Parks, and more!


April 2020 Newsletter

An important notice to SA Divers

January 2020 Newsletter

Lead story: Consultation on SA Jetties

September 2020 Newsletter

New SDFSA Facebook group to share information about SA Dive Sites Viz and Conditions; important notices about Port Hughes jetty and Wirrina Cove Marina; and more!


June 2020 Newsletter

Results of our Caption contest; news of the Giant Cuttlefish, and more!


March 2020 Newsletter

Lead story: New Shellfish Reef

December 2019 Newsletter

Lead story: SA Scuba Week success!