Port Hughes and other SA jetties

.extJetties provide excellent shelter and habitat for marine life as well as safe and easy access for divers, especially for trainees, open water and night divers. SDFSA monitors and reports on jetty access and use across the State.

  • Franklin Harbour jetty: The jetty has been closed for repairs in 2018, including replacement of structural supports and installation of new jetty stairs.
  • Port Hughes Jetty: As of 24 August 2020, the jetty is closed due to extensive storm damage. The SDFSA is in touch with the Copper Coast Council to learn more about council plans for repairing the jetty.
  • Port Giles jetty: Was to reopen for diving and other recreational activities in April 2020 but does not appear to have opened as yet. 
  • Port Stanvac jetty: In 2016, Exxon Mobil and the State government began work to tear down the historic jetty, on the grounds that the jetty was not safe, in spite of efforts by the diving and fishing communities to retain the jetty for recreational purposes.
  • Port Victoria jetty: 2020 update:  the ramp has suffered extensive storm damage.
  • Whyalla: A new 165m “loop” jetty (with a circular boardwalk in the middle) was completed in 2020 but lacks stairs for diver access.