Port Noarlunga Jetty access

Update March 2020: The Port Noarlunga Jetty stairs are installed! The old stairs at the end of the jetty were torn off in storms in November 2018.  These have been removed and placed to the north of the jetty to create an artificial reef and provide a further home for the marine life.  SDFSA worked with the Onkaparinga Council, who manage the jetty, on the design of the new stairs and communicating progress to the diving community at large. The Federation commends Onkaparinga for an excellent outcome, with wide, non-slip stairs, handrail and several platforms that divers and snorkellers can access at different tide levels.

The Port Noarlunga Reef Aquatic Reserve is one of the most popular dive and snorkeling sites in the state. It is home to Port Jackson shark aggregations as well as a wide variety of marine life. It is used for dive training, night dives, and is one of the sites regularly monitored by ReefWatch SA for the health of habitat, fish and invertebrate populations.

 There is a set of steps along the middle of the jetty, but these are more difficult to use and cannot be used for exiting the water at low tide. No work is planned for the foreseeable future to extend the middle stairs to allow safer entry and exits for divers and snorkelers.