The Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia is launching The Cuttlefish Alliance, hosted on Facebook at We want to bring together organisations and individuals concerned about the lifting of the temporary fishing restrictions on the Giant Cuttlefish. The page is set up to gather and share information, petitions, and campaigns to encourage PIRSA to reconsider restrictions on fishing for Giant Cuttlefish. A 5 person Advisory Committee is being convened to prepare recommendations to take to PIRSA, based on science and the value of the Giant Cuttlefish migration to the economy of Whyalla and South Australia.

We need to recognise the reality of multiple stakeholders and users of the marine environment. If a wholesale ban on Cuttlefish fishing is not possible, we might find a compromise — improved and consistent monitoring of cuttlefish populations, and enforced exclusion zones at certain times of year, especially during the mating/migration season. The Cuttlefish Alliance Advisory Committee will help us find a pathway to a good solution.