Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia

What is Science Alive! ?

Science Alive! is Adelaide’s premier science and technology exhibition held each year at the Adelaide Showgrounds. The first day is restricted to schools attendence only; Saturday and Sunday are open to the public. SDFSA has participated since 2020 as a way to introduce diving and the marine environment to the next generation of divers, free divers and snorkellers. As a volunteer community organisation, we are given free exhibition space, tables and signage. Our thanks to the organisers for their generous support.

Science Alive: Coming 4-6 August, 2023

SDFSA will be there again, promoting diving for science and recreation to the next generation of scuba, freedivers and snorkellers.

Science Alive! August 2022

Our thanks to Adelaide Scuba for the donation of 3 Try Dives (one per day) for our draw during the exhibition.

Science Alive! Nov. 19-21 2021

Our thanks to Adelaide Scuba for the donation of a Try Dive with mask and snorkel pack for our draw.




Science Alive! 6-8 Nov 2020

The SDFSA had a booth at Science Alive! next to Experiencing Marine Sanctuaries. This was our first time to exhibit at Science Alive — it was a fantastic experience, a chance to introduce young people to the role of scuba in marine science and archaeology and an opportunity to connect with people who hadn’t been in the water for a while but were interested in taking up the sport again.