Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia
How to dive the ExHMAS Hobart

South Australia Dive Site 

Official Govt Permit Required


All divers will be required to obtain an official Govenment Permit from the Government Website. 

Recreational divers can obtain a 12 month permit from this site by entering dates such as; 12/02/10 and 12/02/11 as start and end dates. The dates need to be a maximum of 12 months apart.

Diver qualifications are required.

You are not required to enter a boat Registration number. 

Arrange to dive ExHMAS Hobart

There have been changes to the arrangement for diving the exHMAS Hobart, and it is no longer neccessary to book a SDFSA Buoy. The new arrangements are detailed below.

Diving Practices

The new arrangements and recommended diving practices are detailed in the following document:

Other Useful ExHMAS Hobart Info