Scuba Divers Federation of South Australia
Why Dive South Australia?

South Australia Diving and Freediving

South Australia has much to offer divers and freedivers seeking to expand their horizons by exploring the rich biodiversity of southern temperate waters or the challenging world-class sink holes and cave systems across the State.

South Australia’s protected jetties, reefs and gulfs provide shelter to many iconic species like the Leafy seadragon and the Weedy seadragon, the photogenic Blue devil, some of the rarest and unusual creatures like the Goblin fish, Port Jackson sharks (the puppy-dogs of the sea), and the annual migration of the Giant cuttlefish, made renown through David Attenborough’s Blue Planet.  It is also a place for those seeking the thrill of seeing Great White Sharks (from the safety of diving cages).  Many come to SA to explore its shipwrecks and other maritime cultural heritage sites.  And for those with CDAA certification, there are many miles of caves and channels to explore.

For a detailed map of South Australia’s dive sites, go to DiveDB:

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