ExHMAS Hobart

South Australia Dive Site 

Official Govt Permit

BAll divers will be required to obtain an official Govt Permit from the Govt Website. 

Recreational divers can obtain a 12 month permit from this site by entering dates such as; 12/02/10 and 12/02/11 as start and end dates. The dates need to be a maximum of 12 months apart.

Diver qualifications are required. Your Diver permit number will be required when completing your SDF Buoy Usage application.

You are not required to enter a boat Registration number. 

Arrange to dive ExHMAS Hobart

There have been changes to the arrangement for diving the exHMAS Hobart, and it is no longer neccessary to book a SDFSA Buoy. The new arrangements are detailed below.

Diving Practices

The new arrangements and recommended diving practices are detailed in the following document:

Other Useful ExHMAS Hobart Info